Consultant in Training Methodology  & Communication

Curriculum Vitae  

Fiona MacLeod Budge
ph. (+31) 651703489
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To make a positive contribution to various working and educational environments and effectively utilise skills and knowledge acquired during my studies and varied teaching experiences in an international environment. A particular interest of mine is health communication and particularly the study of strategies to promote improved quality in delivery of education. Research on the impact of health communication efforts in lower-income countries amongst marginalised groups is a particular interest of mine. I have extensive experience in the design and delivery of training skills courses for people engaged in training others, many of these courses have targeted people working in the area of poverty related diseases, and one has been with people working in the field of sanitation and hygiene. The courses have been delivered in a variety of international settings, inclusive of Nepal, Ethiopia, Indonesia and the Netherlands. The most recent course, delivered in Nepal and Timor Leste in June and November this year, was about Disability Rights, Advocacy, and Skills Training ICommunication (Title of the course – DRASTIC)

Until Feb 2015 I was lecturer/supervisor of Master and Bachelor students engaged in various courses at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. My most recent appointment was with Disability Studies in Nederland, conducting a short research regarding inclusive/cooperative research with people with learning difficulties. This study was embedded in a wider project in preparation for the upcoming ratification of the UNCRPD in The Netherlands and efforts to ensure programmes and research in The Netherlands will have an inclusive and collaborative character. 

Proven Skills and Abilities:

  • Effective communicator with a creative approach to problem solving situations
  • Highly motivated in the workplace
  • Training skills acquired in experiences as an Occupational Therapist and Nurse and facilitator of Communication, Advocacy and Training Skills Courses.
  • Guest lecturer at the Hoogeschool in Leiden, and the Amsterdam University College in the fields of Communication, Training Skills and Culture and Health
  • Masters degree in Medical Anthropology & Sociology, University of Amsterdam 2010
  • Teacher/Lecturer/Supervisor of Master and Bachelor level students at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Supervised 40 students, both Bachelor and Master Level in various programmes at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Topics included: Menstrual Hygiene Management; Communicating for Health; Maternal Health; Suicide Prevention in Suriname; Disability; Leprosy
  • Assisted in the co-ordination of Bachelor Level Modules – Key Strategies in Disability and Neuropathy; Communication Organisation and Management as well as Master Level Modules – Global Health; Qualitative Research Methodologies.
  • Designed, developed and implemented training programme for health workers in Nepal and Ethiopia working in the fields of leprosy, tuberculosis and HIV Aids. Programme improved effectiveness of transferring technical knowledge and expertise, promoted effective leadership skills, and enhanced creative training techniques.
  • Invited speaker at the 2008 International Leprosy Congress, Hyderabad, India (Topic: “Effective Communication”)
  • Invited speaker and work-group facilitator at the 2nd International Disability Conference, Kumasi, Ghana, and August 2011 (Topic: Community Based Rehabilitation).
  • Winner of the University of Southern Queensland Anthropology Award 2004.
  • A result of 99% for final Public Relations thesis in 2004.
  • Initiated income-generating projects in Nigeria for TBL affected persons, providing a means of financial support and helping reduce the effects of living in difficult conditions.


  • Budge, F. (2012) “The Power of Shit – Reflections on Community-Led Total Sanitation in Nepal”  Medische Athropologie 24 (2)
  • Miranda-Galarza, B., Lusli, M., Zweekhorst, M., & Budge, F. (2014) The power of personal knowledge: reflecting on conscientization in lives of disabled people and people affected by leprosy in Cirebon, Indonesia. Knowledge Management for Development Journal9(2), 85-104.
  • Budge, F., A. Schippers, J. Kool, G. Van Hove (2015) “More than just a Nice Day Out”      – How to encourage meaningful participation of people with learning difficulties in Disability Conferences” British Journal of Learning Disabilities (Under review) 

Details Courses Designed and Delivered:

The design, development and delivery of communication and training skills courses has been a particular interest of mine and one I am keen to develop further and more specifically to tailor these programmes to meet the needs of various target groups. A brief description follows of courses designed and delivered over the past several years:

2014 (June) Disability Research And  Skills Training In (DRASTIC) was delivered in  Pokhara, Nepal for people with disabilities. The target group for the course were people with disabilities and the aim of the course was to develop and sharpen research and communication skills and to encourage participatory and emancipatory research being led, designed and conducted by persons with disabilities. 

2014 (November) DRASTIC  was delivered in Dili, Timor Leste along with co-facilitator, Dr. Beatriz. The target group was the same, namely people with disabilities and the aim of the course was to develop and sharpen research and communication skills and to encourage participatory and emancipatory research being led, designed and conducted by persons with disabilities.

2013 (Aug) Designed and delivered a tailor made course in Adama, Ethiopia for various cadres of workers in a national sanitation programme, who need to scale-up a Community Managed Project (CMP) approach. 

2011 (Jan-Feb)  Following a research in Nepal on the sensitivity of health promoters in programmes aiming to prevent the practice of open defecation, and in response to a request from the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project-Western Nepal (RWSSP-WN), I tailored the communication skills course to meet the needs of technical staff in this project. These technicians were engaged in Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and the course had the specific aim to enhance their skills in transferring their knowledge to (RWSSP-WN) stakeholders. The overall objective was to enhance the image of the RWSSP and increase the chances of sustainability of the project work within the targeted communities.

2011 (May) The office of The Netherlands Leprosy Relief organisation in Jakarta, Indonesia, requested that the communication course that I had been delivering for several years in Nepal and once in Ethiopia, be delivered to their field staff. Included in the request was a specific focus on advocacy skills. The course was titled, Communication, Advocacy and Training Skills, and was adapted to meet the needs of health practitioners communicating with policy makers and needing to sharpen their advocacy skills.

2010 and 2011 (Sept) Designed and delivered a training course for Students in an International Public Health Course at the Hoogeschool in Leiden, The Netherlands. The aim of this course was to introduce students to the history of Public Health and to enhance their training skills when working in various international settings inclusive of Maternal Health, Family Health and HIV/AIDS programmes.

2010 (Oct) In response to a request from the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I delivered a personalised intercultural training course to a couple of people leaving The Netherlands to work for the first time in a lower-income country. The focus of the training was to increase their level of intercultural competency.

2009 and 2010 Co-facilitated a Training of Trainers (TOT) course for Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workers. The course was conducted in The Netherlands, participants came from various international settings, inclusive of Nigeria, Zambia, and Indonesia. A particular emphasis in this course was to encourage creative and innovative training skills, with a specific focus on experiential learning.

2008 (Apr) Delivered a similar Communication and Training Skills course to health workers at the All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training (ALERT) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Participants were health workers and trainers at ALERT.

2007-2011 In response to a request from BIKASH Training Institute in Pokhara, Nepal, I designed and delivered a Communication and Training Skills course to Health Workers. The perception of the requesting organisation was that many people trained in their institute were developing expertise in various fields of health, but lacked the skill to pass this on to others. The overall aim was to equip people with sound technical knowledge, the skills needed to transfer that knowledge to their own target groups. This course has been delivered in Nepal, for the past seven years, primarily targeting health workers in the fields of Leprosy, TB and HIV.

2004 (Jan-Dec) Assisted with the design and delivery of English as a Second Language and Delivery of Presentations in English, to German Business people, in Wuerzburg, Germany.

All the above mentioned courses have been delivered to people with technical expertise working in situations where they need to transfer their knowledge to others in their fields. A particular emphasis of the courses has been to create situations where participants are expected to demonstrate practical application of skills they have learned, either through delivering a training in the field, or delivering presentations and training to other participants.

Educational History: 










Master Degree  Medical Anthropology and Sociology



University of Amsterdam (UvA)


The Netherlands






Bachelor Degree – Double Major Cultural Anthropology and Public   Relations


(External Student)


Anthropology Award for 2004


Final PR Thesis result 99%



University of Southern Queensland, Australia






Health Systems Research Course, Jos, Nigeria


Participation in Research Project



Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, NL






Certificate in Prevention of Disabilities in Leprosy



ALERT, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia






Degree in Comprehensive Nursing



Auckland Technological Institute (ATI), NZ






Degree in Occupational Therapy

Central Institute of Technology (CIT), Wellington, NZ

Employment History:








Duties Tasks



Employer/Contact Person/s









Research with people with   learning difficulties in NL. Inquiring about the readiness for the upcoming ratification   of the UNCRPD and willingness to engage in inclusive research.



Prof. Geert van Hove, Disability Studies in   Nederland (DSiN)


Dr. Alice Schippers (DsiN)






Researcher & Evaluator



Evaluation   of a ‘Buddy Project’for disabled people within an Inclusive City Project



Dr. Alice Schippers Disability Studies in   Nederland (DSiN)


Prof. Geert van Hove,











Lecturing, Facilitating   Workgroups, Coordinating Modules, Supervising Bachelor and Master Level   students



Dr. Christine Dedding


Prof. Joske Bunders,


Athena Institute, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam






Guest Lecturer Amsterdam   University College (AUC), NL


Guest Lecturer, Hogeschool,   Leiden, NL


Guest Lecturer, Royal   Tropical Institute (KIT) Amsterdam, NL



Lecturing, facilitating   workshops, grading theses



Dr. Beatriz Miranda-Galarza, AUC, Amsterdam, NL


Huib Cornielje, ENABLEMENT, Alphen aan de Rijn,   NL


Dr. Barend Gerretsen, KIT, NL






Director   to-the-point-consultancy



Facilitating various   communication, research training, TOT and Community Managed Project Training   in numerous places – Nepal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, The Netherlands,   Germany, Indonesia, Timor Leste



Mr Gopal Gurung, Training Officer,   BIKASH, Pokhara, Nepal






English Teacher, Germany



Teaching English as a   second language for businesses



Ingrid Ebert, ‘Active   English Training’, Wuerzburg, Germany






Staff Nurse



Relief Nursing



Highland Primary Care, NHS   Trust, Scotland, UK





Occupational Therapist



Facilitator National TB and   Leprosy Training Centre, Prevention of Disability Officer, Kaduna State,   Nigeria



The Leprosy Mission International   (TLMI), London, UK






Occupational   Therapist/Nurse



Income Generating Projects   Coordinator – Voluntary Post



Federal Ministry of Health,   Nigeria







Staff Nurse



Infectious Diseases Ward, In-service education



Auckland Health Care, New Zealand






Attendant carer/Staff Occupational Therapist (OT)



Part-time care giver to a C4 tetraplegic and his child. Part-time   community OT



Lee Tamati-Aubrey, Paeroa, New Zealand


Thames Hospital Board, New Zealand









Prawn Fishing


Inclusive two delivery voyages from Australia to Nigeria



Benguela Industries, Raptis Fishing Co., Cairns, Australia






Staff Occupational Therapist



Psychiatric Ward, member of a multi-disciplinary team involved in   education support groups



Kingseat Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand






Staff Occupational Therapist



Medical/Surgical Ward


Rehabilitation activities 



Thames Hospital, New Zealand