Consultant in Training Methodology  & Communication

Brighter Future, Andhra Pradesh, India

During the DRASTIC training in Nepal, Beatriz and I were privileged, among the other participants, to also meet Victor and Pastor Elisha, both a people affected by Leprosy. Victor is the son of parents who were infected with leprosy and Pastor Elisha was infected with leprosy and lives with residual impairments of that as a result. When Victor was a child, he was taken from the care of his parents and placed in an orphanage. Due to the intimate acquaintance both these people have with the impacts of leprosy, they initiated this amazing trust - Brighter Future, among other projects, they run an orphanage for close to 240 children, have income generating projects for young women, and to address the alarming scarcity of water in the intense heat of Andhra Pradesh, they have also initiated a borehole project. After meeting both these men, we have no hesitation in recommending support for their projects.

To learn more about their amazing work please check the link below.


Victor, Director Brighter Future


Pastor Elisha