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About to-the-point-consultancy

We are committed to the development and delivery of training that focuses on effective communication, and development of research skills with marginalised groups. We are passionate about increasing the relevance of social science research for the lives of people who are all too often relegated to being 'research objects' rather than having their subjectivity valued.




to-the-point-consultancy delivers high quality training to diverse groups of people engaged in various aspects of health, disability and sanitation and hygiene programmes. Target groups include people whose lives are implicated by various health, disability or sanitation and hygiene issues, inclusive of people living with disability and health issues, as well as people engaged in management and delivery of services.

to-the-point-consultancy  aims to encourage critical thinking, an emphasis on solutions rather than problems and in doing so aims to capitalise on local knowledge and experience. 

to-the-point-consultancy believes in tailoring training to met the needs of the context in which training is delivered. 

to-the-point-consultancy training courses are highly interactive, encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creativity and places priority on ensuring training is practically applied.

Feel free to contact to-the-point-consultancy if you believe your organisation can benefit from such training.


to-the-point have worked in close collaboration, and delivered courses, with the following organisations. Please feel free to contact them in regard to any queries regarding quality of training delivered.


                         Contact Person: Mr Gopal Gurung


Contact Person: Huib Cornielje:


17, Institute of Critical Studies:

Contact Person: Dr. Benjamin Mayer-Foulkes: 


Light for the World:

     Contact Person: Dr. Paulien Bruijn: